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HIPAA Kit - Medical Collections

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With over $380,000 of medical bills DELETED off credit report(s) so far this year, this HIPAA kit is the TRUTH!??

HIPAA System comes with: 

  • HIPAA Letter 1 for Credit Bureau(s)
  • HIPAA Letter 2 for Collection Agency
  • HIPAA follow up letter for Credit Bureaus 
  • HIPAA follow up letter for Collection Agency

Step By Step Instructions

For just $10!

Remember, for best results Only ONE medical bill per HIPAA kit unless you have multiple medical bills with the SAME collection agency! No exceptions!

Always follow up if your first round was not successful 

If the company validated the debt (sending you a contract, a letter from the original creditor, etc) then ask for a PAY TO DELETE.

Certified on only the HIPAA part 2 (Collection Agency)